About Return to Enchantas

Return to Enchantas front cover (1)Fourteen Enchantian cycles have passed since the ‘Battle for Enchantas’. Peace and prosperity has been restored for the most part, but the goddaughter of the witch and warlock, now the self-proclaimed Empress, is roaming free, wreaking havoc over the lands, terrorizing villages and threatening their newly developed way of life.

Ryan, Sally and John have been summoned to return and assist their old friend Mel in putting an end to the Empress’s treachery. However, this time they are not alone. John’s sister Becky, an outspoken rebel with her own cause, joins them and discovers firsthand the strange and mysterious world hiding beneath the depths of their hometown. 

Together, they must embark on another forced journey as Destiny’s prophets, in hopes of restoring peace and order to the Land of Enchantas, forever…